We take pride in our own unique production line – “CARPATHIA”. Thanks to it, we design and develop our own products and are able to control and maintain the highest manufacturing quality standards.

We offer both blank and customized types of spare parts and advise our clients on the variety of options available to them.

Our team consists of talented engineers, machinists, managers, technicians and business professionals who are experienced in overcoming the complexities of spare parts manufacturing as well as developing creative and effective solutions for other areas. In particular, they come together to push the boundaries of barrels manufacturing technology.



We offer barrels of industry-leading precision. Carpathia uses cutting-edge machines, tools and procedures in manufacturing which enable us to produce top quality barrels in high volumes at competitive prices.

We are able to offer very short lead times on barrels with rifling geometry, matching tools that we have in stock or adopting to new designs that customers may request.

Our strong relationships with tooling suppliers allow us to collaborate with them on new designs, further enhancing the quality of our barrels to the level not achievable before.

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